Social Distancing + Capacity Restrictions = Retail Gridlock

It has been quite a year for the Retail industry, to say the least. National and international brands were brought face to face with the stark reality that change is no longer on the horizon, but is fully here, and requires quick thinking and a solution oriented mindset in order to not just survive but thrive in this new normal.

Government initiatives aimed at flattening the curve and limiting exposure to the Covid-19 virus took the form of Social Distancing measures and the enforcing of Capacity Restrictions that created immediate operational and communications challenges as stores were forced to quickly adapt to accommodate.

We see lineups outside popular retailers, a challenge faced independent of the size of the establishment or the goods & services being sold. As restrictions continue to evolve we see some areas around the country entering zones of varying colour that impose different degrees of restrictions, sometimes as severe as requiring shutting down in-person shopping all together.

Hundreds lined up in the cold and damp outside a GTA shopping centre – Dec.2020
Once inside more lineups await as capacity restrictions are implemented on both the shopping centre and individual retailers.
Gridlock inside malls as lineups form outside all retailers

SAFEAPPROACH was designed to solve for these exact operational challenges and delivers the Safety, Comfort & Shopper Experience that is essential if brick & mortar retailers aim to have any chance at both keeping in line with safety guidelines and delivering an experience to keep consumers from choosing online alternatives.

Capable of being deployed at your location in under 48 hours, the SAFEAPPROACH team is matches the pace required to solve for our customers needs effectively so they can focus on converting their visitors into customers.

Simple & Effective. SAFEAPPROACH – Virtual Line Management

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