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Real Estate: A Happy Client is a Deal Signing Client

Open Houses are a key tool in the Real Estate Agent’s sales arsenal.Sellers want to know their property is being safely managed during Open Houses and Buyers need to feel comfortable in order to attend and focus on the opportunity in front of them.  As agent it falls on us to deliver on what’s best […]


We all experienced it at some point or another this year. The realization, as we pulled up to do a routine deposit or bill payment at our local bank and saw the line up of customers that had arrived ahead of us, that life as we knew it and the simple aspects of our day-to-day […]

VLM – Best Practices

Virtual Line Management (VLM) is the evolved approach to providing for safe and efficient entry protocol to your business. The following are Best Practice Guidelines to optimize the effectiveness of your SAFE APPROACH Entry Protocol AWARENESSProvide your customers with both advance and immediate knowledge of your establishment’s having Safe Approach.Every location is provided 2 methods […]

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