Bank Entry Protocols – Safety & Social Distancing

We all experienced it at some point or another this year. The realization, as we pulled up to do a routine deposit or bill payment at our local bank and saw the line up of customers that had arrived ahead of us, that life as we knew it and the simple aspects of our day-to-day have changed.

Where we once arrived, walked confidently in and spoke with a teller, manager or advisor with relative ease, the New Normal and social-distancing requirements now call for an evolved approach to managing client entry protocols.

Many of the leading banks began making their best attempts at developing measures to provide for their staff and client safety. These included providing sanitizer at entry and each teller, posting signs and incurring additional staffing costs to post greeters, hosts and often security guards at the entry ways to manage the number of clients able to be inside the branch at a given time.

While these practices were all rapidly implemented with the best of intentions as clients participated in them, many glaring gaps in the visitor experience have become apparent. Clients being asked to wait outside, on dots, 6feet apart and required to brave the elements in order to hold their place in line created for disgruntled customers, weather dependent visit patterns and overall discomfort of clientelle. These new patterns leave the industry exposed to risks as weather shifts from summer to winter and the conditions to be experienced by visitors to branches across the country become severe.

actual line up image at TD Bank (Queen & 410) – source:

In the challenges born of the new normal exists many opportunities for businesses who adapt quickly with solutions designed to not just ease the operational transitions but that capitalize on the potential to be found in the new patterns of behaviour being adapted.

SAFEAPPROACH – Virtual Line Management solves for the needs of Banks in managing their delivery of a Safe, Efficient, Comfortable and Convenient Entry Protocol.

In addition to providing for Client Satisfaction, banks can now:

  • Deliver safety instructions to visitors ahead of arrival.
  • Receive visitor confirmation that they are not experiencing any flu like symptoms.
  • Remotely manage Visit Requests, Communications and Entry Notifications
  • Deliver High Impact, Content Rich marketing assets directly to the waiting visitors
  • View daily reports of waiting times, turn over times and purposes of visit
  • Optimize operations and reduce labour costs
  • Export Visitor logs for follow up communications with regards to visit experience
  • Be prepared, in the event of a location being exposed to contagion, to notify all visitors that may have been exposed (track tracing)
Providing Safe & Comfortable Entry With SAFEAPPROACH

The SAFEAPPROACH method for entry protocol allows visitors to check-in at the branch and wait in the comfort of their cars OR remotely check-in and receive confirmation of their place in line and anticipated wait time.

You can deliver preset customized messaging as well as personalized communications to reassure your visitors of their being a priority while they wait. While adverse weather will be effecting others, businesses that provide SAFEAPPROACH for their clientelle stand to benefit from Increased Customer Satisfaction & Improved Loyalty Retention.

Opportunity in the New Normal… SAFEAPPROACH
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