Case Study

It’s no secret that our world has changed.

Businesses have been forced to undergo a decade’s worth of evolution in just a few short months as Social Distancing and new Safety Protocols have become mandatory practice to get open, provide service and gain back consumer confidence.

We now see businesses that once accepted entry of as many patrons as could fit under their roof relegated to having their customers lined up outside, 6 feet apart, standing on dots.  This adjustment to the new normal creates several unprecedented challenges for businesses who aim to provide excellent customer service year round.


  • Providing Social Distancing Entry Protocols
  • Avoiding Weather Dependent Revenues
  • Gaining Consumer Confidence
  • Adapting and Optimizing Staffing & Operations

In the midst of these challenges SAFEAPPROACH provides not just a solution but an opportunity for your business to capitalize on the situation by providing safety, comfort and convenience seamlessly for your Customers while empowering your business with the tools to collect marketing consent, deliver impactful messaging, gain consumer insights and access contact tracing.

Book your demo today and see how SAFEAPPROACH’s Virtual Line Management empowers your business.  Be set up and accepting customers smoothly so you can ramp up your marketing efforts with confidence that you can safely provide entry access to all your visitors.

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